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An old family favourite that really can’t be beaten is the good old-faithful, pork! When you are stick for dinner ideas, pork is always a great option. From tasty and sticky pork spare ribs to a lovely pork cutlet served with lashings of apple sauce or for a lovely Sunday dinner, a rolled pork gigot really hits the spot.

We ensure that all meat we sell in our store is from reputable and trusted sources. We then leave it up to you to cook it to perfection and give you the taste that can only come from contented slow reared animals raised in a stress free environment.

In H.K Penders Butchers Coatbridge store we stock all of the following pork products, Pork cutlets, Pork steaks, Pork gigot steak, Rolled pork gigot, Diced pork, Pork ribs, Streaky pork, Barbeque ribs and Rolled shoulder.

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