bakery - penders coatbridge

In our bakery selection of our store, we have lots of tasty treats for you to choose from including pies, mince rounds, sausage rolls and also puff pastry. All freshly prepared in our premises, you can be guaranteed of the best quality taste and highest quality produce, the difference in taste when buying from your local butcher really is unbelievable – try some of our tasty bakery range today and let us know how much you like it.

In store today we have 1lb steak pie (serves 2/3), 2lb steak pie (serves 4/5), Sausage rolls, Bridies, Steak mince pies, Mince rounds, Individual steak pie, Scotch pie, Cooked puff pastry, Uncooked puff pastry, Gravy.

At H.K Penders Butchers Coatbridge, we like to think we offer our loyal customers a wide variety of fresh, quality products. None more so than in our bread and bakery range.

We also have fresh bread for sale every morning in our store with lots of choices available: Plain bread, Large Italian Loaf, Small Italian Loaf, Morning roll, Brown roll, Baguette, Panini, Pan Loaf,Plain scone, Fruit scone, Pancakes, Crumpets, Potato scones and a Selection of fresh cakes.

Come in to our store and see for yourself!

Visit us today for a look at our Quality Produce